Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Eid Mubarak, New House, Master Exam

Fuhhhh, lately really I am big tired.
Many things to do and dont even have time to pen down in this blog. Insha allah, Allah will helps.
I have many pictures to share during the Eid. But, still hang out in the phone memory.

This time and at this moment, I have to concentrate on project report writing and distributed database project plus final exam which will be held on 20 Oct 2008.

In distributed database project, I am working with vertical fragmentation algorithm.
Vertical fragmentation

1. Construct Attribute Affinity matrix
2. Construct Clustered Affinity matrix
2.1 Initialization
2.2 Iteration
2.3 Row Ordering
Directly we know which sites, which queries frequently accessed. Dealing with distributed
database, "Maximize Locality, Minimize Globality" in order to save COST.
Very interesting topic to share. I will write later
See ya.

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